We’re Back And The Sox Win A Title

Well, it is good to be back on the internet as a website once again. We have been off for over six months after the company that hosted our previous site decided that they could no longer offer such a service for free. When we attempted to reboot our website after paying for it, the hosts for some reason could not retrieve it and we lost everything including many valuable photos. Thanks to our members, however, we have been able to get many of them back and we have them posted on our Gallery page with many more to come.

Wow while a way from here the Red Sox accomplished something no one except the dreamers could have imagined. The Olde Towne Team won their eighth World Series Championship and the third in our lifetime all of which have happened in this decade. Whether it was Boston Strong or the Beards, the Baseball Gods took favour on our team this past season and we have another Championship to celebrate. We had a host of unlikely heroes but also one special player who has contributed to all three in our lifetime that being David Ortiz.

We also hope that we will soon have something very special to announce regarding the Sox and us, so keep your fingers crossed and hope that we can pull it off.

To end, here is a photo of what happened after Koji struck out the last Cardinal in game six giving the Sox the Series.koji

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